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Our studio is dedicated to pianoforte and music education for students of all ages and we employ the most advanced pedagogical techniques in pianoforte and music craft studies.

Leigh Carter (founding teacher)

Photo fo Leigh Carter, Piano TeacherLeigh Carter has extensive experience as a music educator, adjudicator, examiner, HSC coach, accompanist, concert manager and  mentor that spans 37 years.

“Most importantly I am passionate about responsible music education, where young musicians are guided from the very first lesson, to understand their chosen instrument/s, learn to read music readily, develop their aural skills, encouraged to embrace the fundamentals of music theory, strengthen their physical technique and to develop a sense of musicality in all they study and perform,” – Leigh.



Louise Gollan

To teach is to commit to  being a life-long learner.  With Leigh Carter as my teacher, mentor and friend I have been able to continue this learning.   After many years of secondary school classroom teaching I now find myself in the even more privileged position of teaching highly motivated young musicians.  Together we explore music-making: its construction in Musicianship and Music Craft: its history in General Knowledge.  The students from my own piano studio are always very excited to be included in the performance opportunities which Leigh provides in her concerts and examination preparation sessions.

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