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Adult Students

Finding the Repertoire That Inspires You

Did you learn pianoforte as a child and would like to 'brush up' your musical skills? Perhaps you have always wanted to learn the piano, you have more time and  now is your chance to begin?

Mature students have already experienced many different styles of music. You might have sung in the school choir, danced in the mosh pit at a rock concert or listened to music in your car. You possibly already know what genre of music that you enjoy the most. In lessons for adult students we help you discover the music you would like to study, find arrangements that will suit your level of expertise and guide you as you prepare each piece. our lessons include classical, light classics, popular (contemporary styles) and jazz influenced music.

If you are a mature beginner student, we utilise tutor books especially  designed for adult beginners. For the more experienced student, we believe that you are more likely to continue developing your musical skills if you are learning the music that inspires and excites you.

Performance and examination opportunities are available to adult students.

Adults Piano Lesson Student
  • Express your musical experiences
  • Discover the music you would like to study
  • Find arrangements for your skill level
  • Classical, light classics, popular (contemporary) and jazz
  • Performance and exams avaiable

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