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November AMEB Practical Examinations


AMEB Examinations for Pianoforte and Piano for Leisure Candidates will be held in Newcastle from 31st October until 7th November, 2015.

Students preparing for that examination are required to send in an entry fee in an envelope with their name and date of birth written clearly on the front of the envelope. Please hand in your entry fee to Leigh by the 12th August 2015 and entries will only be accepted in an envelope with the information attached.

Please contact Leigh if you are uncertain if your child is eligible for the November exam period and for the entry fee amounts. Entry fees vary according to grade.


First 15 minute Skype Lesson Free for existing students

Skype Piano Lesson Online

To celebrate the launch of the Love Piano Music website we are offering the first 15 minute Skype lesson for free to existing students!

Skype lessons are a fantastic supplement to your regular face to face lessons to help direct your practice at home, to replace a missed lesson if you live some distance from the studio or if you are on vacation and have access to a piano (and internet).

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What activities to expect in a child’s beginner lesson?


A beginner lesson for students of all ages should be designed to introduce the student to the pianoforte and how it works, build self confidence, develop new skills and captivate them with just a few of the musical possibilities their new world presents. The lesson should also be flexible to answer their questions and encourage their curiosity…’What are these pedals on the floor? Where are the strings? How do the strings make the sound? Why do these notes sound high and others sound low? Continue Reading

Studio News


MaddyWecome back to music lessons for 2015! I hope that you all had a relaxing and special holiday with your friends and family.


Term 1 Lessons commence on Feb 2nd (Monday) and conclude on April 3rd

Term 2 commences 20th April and conclude on 19th June

This year we are trialling a lesson booking system on the website. If you are interested in scheduling an extra lesson for you or your child with Leigh, you can check for available lesson spots in the Student Zone section on the website and book in the times that suit. A number of students this year have asked for 2 lessons a week with Leigh and this might be a good alternative for those students we could not accommodate for a regular second lesson. The lessons available for booking, will be conducted at The Hill studio. We will also add a number of available lessons on weekends prior to examinations to optimise performance skills and preparation.

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