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What activities to expect in a child’s beginner lesson?


A beginner lesson for students of all ages should be designed to introduce the student to the pianoforte and how it works, build self confidence, develop new skills and captivate them with just a few of the musical possibilities their new world presents. The lesson should also be flexible to answer their questions and encourage their curiosity…’What are these pedals on the floor? Where are the strings? How do the strings make the sound? Why do these notes sound high and others sound low?

Depending on the child’s age and development and whether they already play another instrument, the first lesson usually includes an introduction to keyboard geography, fingering patterns, simple rhythmic patterns on untuned percussion and of course a number of songs from specially designed tutor books that are graded for age and ability.

Here at Leigh Carter’s Academy of Music, we utilise the latest pedagogical techniques, computer games, aural exercises and ‘off the bench games’, to accelerate learning. Most importantly though, our students have fun whilst  they are developing  their musical knowledge and skills. We encourage students of all levels (yes, even beginners) to perform regularly throughout the year and examinations, competitions and eisteddfods are available to all students.